Message from Honorary President

Welcome everyone to The International Liver Congress 2014 in London. As an Italian who went to London to do research for one year and stayed 37, it is a great tribute to be the Honorary President for the EASL annual meeting in 2014. As a Paediatric Hepatologist I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to share experience and knowledge with Adult Hepatology colleagues during the EASL meetings over the last three decades.

London, arguably the cradle of Hepatology, will offer a lively environment for a meeting which has all the requisites for being highly successful.

The huge amount of abstracts submitted 2,855 and large number of participants expected (≥9,500), confirm the central role of EASL in the international Hepatology scene.

I am sure you will enjoy the International Liver Congress 2014 and I hope that your participation to this meeting will be a great success, scientifically as well as socially.


Giorgina Mieli-Vergani
Professor of Paediatric Hepatology
London, UK