What is Poken?

Poken is your digital business card, and a digital briefcase that makes networking extremely efficient.  It is a small USB stick that attaches to your badge. Every event participant will receive a complimentary poken, upon arrival. This is our gift to you!

How does it work?

Poken lets you collect business cards and digital documents, with a simple touch.  Just touch one poken to another person’s poken and they glow: You’ve exchanged business cards. Touch a poken to a tag, and you collect a document.

TOUCH IT:Collect digital business cards by touching your poken to that of other visitors, placing the hands together, palm-to-palm. Collect digital media from Touchpoints in the exhibition by touching those in the same way, with your poken. You’ll see the green lights glow!
GET IT:Plug your poken into your computer’s USB port, log in with the credentials provided to you (you will receive an email), and press the sync button to see your new contacts and the digital media you’ve collected.
SHARE IT:See your business card collection, your documents, and more, in your account. Sync with Outlook, download to your computer, or view everything on your mobile phone.

What should I do now?

Login to your account and update your contact details. Add your social networks and a picture, so people can easily remember you and find you. Take 50 seconds to watch the video on how you can be most effective in using your poken at the event.  When you log in, you’ll notice there is also a lot more useful information about the event you’re about to attend – go check it out!

What do I need to remember?

* Your username and password will be sent to you in a welcome mail.  Log in and change your password at once.  Please remember it - you will need it to access your account when you want to see your stuff. Go to “setting” to change your password

* After the event, remember to sync your poken through your USB port to view the new contacts you met. You shouldn’t need to do this too frequently during the event, your poken can record 4000 touches!

* There will be a Poken help desk in the registration area, just look for the POKEN sign on the floor plan

What if I have more questions?

You’ll find answers to most of your questions on the Poken website, www.poken.com
You can also always contact our support desk at: support@poken.com

What about data privacy?

Your profile is, by default, private. The only people who can view your digital business card or your contact information are the people you touch with your poken, and the tags you touch (it’s like giving your business card to someone you meet).  Poken provides event registration services, and we do not own the data your event organizer has used to create your profile – you own it. We merely host it for you, in a new, convenient, digital business card format.  Edit or delete any information that’s there: You are in control! And if you don’t want to be part of the fun at all, you can delete your Poken profile altogether. It’s up to you!